Kris keeps my guitars playing perfectly, while on tour and in the studio. He makes all my electrics, acoustics and banjos feel consistent instrument to instrument. Kris rocks!”

— Adrian Raso




"Kris worked on all my guitars in the past. Two electric guitars, two semi electric and 3 acoustics. He also repaired a banjo for me. His work was always incredible and to play them was so much fun afterwards. He oils the fret board and adjusts the intonation to perfection. On two guitars he replaced the nut with a bone nut. 
He did the setup of a brand new guitar for me, that I did not buy from little shop of guitars. The store I bought it from didn't do a good job, not even the 2nd time around. I didn't even want to play it. At the end I gave it to Kris and he "rescued" guitar for me. He did a fantastic job, and now I love the guitar. I can't thank him enough. 
The banjo had a real problem with the tuner for the 5th string and other repair shops in guelph either refused to work on it, estimated large charges or basically said it was not worth it. Kris Raso came up with a great solution, charged very little and did an incredible job. My banjo is fun to play with again and stays in tune. 
If I could, I would give him 6 stars, he is definitely worth it. He provides the service of a person who loves his profession and doesn't just do it for the money." - Marc Ricke (Guelph)


 "I brought my old 12 string accoustic that needed some work, and needless to say, I wasn't disappointed. The 1st place I called was kris. Knowledgeable, friendly and great craftsmanship are a few strong personable traits he posses...not to mention trustworthy! Thanks again kris!" - Romeo Reginato (Guelph)


"Too legit to quit! Service is second to none" - Louis M. (Guelph)


"I gave my guitar to Raso Guitar Repairs for them to do a clean up of my electric guitar. I can say with absolute confidence that i am more than happy with the outcome! I got my guitar back extremely quick! and it looked brand new! Kris treated my guitar with the same love as he would one of their own! Hands down the greatest staff as well!" - Luke Taylor (Fergus)


 "My 12 string guitar had not been used for a number of years. While not of high monetary value, this guitar holds much sentimental value. Kris understood this and did a great job of getting it back in shape. You can tell that he not only is skilled at what he does, he enjoys his work. Thanks Kris!" - Nancy Chambers (Fergus)


"I cannot say enough about the quality of work done by Raso Guitar Repairs. 

First, the bridge on my Manuel Rodríguez FC India classical guitar popped off the body and Kris was able to reattach the bridge. Not only is the bridge secured more solid than it was factory, Kris’ superior work shows no sign that the bridge was repaired leaving not a single mark. 

Second, I purchased a new American Original '60s Stratocaster and left it with Raso Guitar Repair for the initial setup. I could not be happier with how meticulous Kris was, with ensuring nothing was overlooked. Fantastic job at a reasonable price and I would HIGHLY recommend Raso Guitar Repair to anyone" - Kevin James (Kitchener)


 "When someone loves what they do, it directly reflects on the end result. Came to Raso guitar repairs to test the waters with one of my guitars..I was super happy with how it played after.So since then i have taken Kris 6 of my well loved guitars (Taylor-Gibsons and Fenders) including a Custom shop Strat that was in dire need of some TLC..Needed bridge work a nut changed and a lot fret work ..Plays like a dream now,and how a custom shop should play.I can be a bit meticulous in what is expected in a set up.The first guitar Kris worked on, he asked me how i like the action, i told him right down to the measuring distant how i liked it..I was never asked again on any of my other guitars..He takes notes!!Kris's work is consistently accurate.Amazing!!!Thank you!!" - Larry S. (Guelph)


 "I had an old guitar that needed fixing and Kris did a great job fixing it. I took it to a couple of other places and they said it couldn't be fixed. Thanks Kris!' - Mylene R. (Guelph)


 "Awesome work! Plays great! Even got parts of the guitar to shine again that I didn't think could be saved!" - John McGonigal (Guelph)


 "Just got my guitar back,Kris did an awesome job,fast turn around and very reasonable rates.No doubt I will be going back to Kris for anything I need for my guitar.It looks and sounds great!" 

Thank You Kris! - Mike Blewett (Guelph)


 "Kris has done work on my electric guitars for the past couple years now and I'm always happy with the quality of his work. Thanks Kris!" - Katrina Juhasz (Guelph)